from Frankfurt

Perimeter Frankfurt
170 cm
Dress size
Bra size
75 D Natur
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size
57 kg

Escort Adrienne 37 Frankfurt

  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (conversation)
  • Profession: Medical area
  • Rauchen: No
  • Tattoos / Piercings: Yes (tailbone) / No
  • Dress style: Casual, Classic, Ladylike
  • Lingerie: No particular brand, loves real nylons
  • Cuisine: Vegan ( the gentleman can still eat meat)
  • Drinks: No alcohol, still water, fresh smoothies / juices / teas.
  • Perfume: Chanel – Chance, Lancome – Miracle
  • Home visit: Yes (only if I already know the gentleman)
  • Gentleman with Handicap: No (sorry, i am too emotional)

Fee from Escort Adrienne

2 hours
600 €
3 hours
800 €
4 hours
1.000 €
5 hours
1.150 €
6 hours
1.300 €
7 hours
1.450 €

Travel expenses from Adrienne

2 hours
30 €
Frankfurt Airport
3 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €

Unfortunately, overnight dates are currently not possible for Adrienne. Dates are only possible up to 30 km away from the home base.

A few words from escort model Adrienne

Hello unknown gentleman,
nice to meet you, I am escort model Adrienne from Frankfurt and my name comes from French. In me you will find a lady in the best age, little free spirit, a mixture of fresh whirlwind and pleasant back attitude, if the situation allows it. A cheerful nature with ironic roots, coupled with contagious mischievousness. Nevertheless, deep conversation levels are a base without much schnick Schnack wanted, up to the rum philosophizing. As you can tell, you will meet a lady, not off the shelf, I am not a “girl next door” or an over made up facet. You can imagine it like this, a “best buddy with preferences for certain hours”.

A meet together is for me to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere and this without any work off. Escort is a passion of mine, which I pursue secretly. I love to meet people and get to know their characters with different views of existence. Personality development takes place everywhere, in every situation. What a shame it would be if we stood still and let our lives pass us by. We can still experience so much with all the things we own, feel, taste, touch, smell, absorb new things and much more. You as a gentleman will experience a relaxed and great time with me if you get involved with something new, and that is me “Escort Model Adrienne”. I look forward to meeting you soon. See you soon my dear!

Feedbacks for Escort Model Adrienne

December 2022

When I asked if the gentleman had a nice time with Adrienne, I got this short but meaningful answer: It was a cool afternoon, yes – thank you!

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