Escort Casting – Become a Diary Lady Model

Casting Diary Lady High Class Escort

We are pleased about your interest to be mediated by our escortservice agency. We offer you an open and friendly working atmosphere. Upscale men and top appointments. Flexible scheduling and absolute discretion, anonymity and security. As an high class escort lady you are self-employed and not employed with us. We are only mediators and work for you on your behalf. The escort lady is the client, we as agency, contractor. Nevertheless, we select the ladies we mediate according to certain criteria. because we attach great importance to special features. If you do not have any experience, we will explain it to you personally.

You can send your application to

Please give us some short information about your age, place of residence and a few words about yourself.

Please send us 4 pictures of you. Face, Full Body Elegant, Full Body Casual, Full Body Lingerie o. Bikini

Pictures with filters such as from Snapchat, we can not do anything with it. If you send us professional shooting pictures, please send us at least one unedited picture.

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Escort Casting – First Information

You do not work for us, we work for you.

We know all the ladies personally.

Dealing with each other is characterized by trust, respect and friendliness.

We recommend you like good photographers.

We do not work with fake photos.

We are always at your side.

You always have a contact person who takes care of your concerns. So you can concentrate on your dates very relaxed.

Escort Casting! Do not apply if the following applies to you!

You think Escort is undeclared work and you do not have to pay tax on your income!

You only the money is important and you have no fun on the escort, even disgust at the thought of it!

You expect daily dates, maybe even several in one day!

You are indiscreet, dishonest and arrogant!

You are younger than 19 years!


The agency commission is 35% including VAT, you will receive a proper invoice from us. You decide whether you accept a date or not, we have no authority to make you rules and do not even want to. All decisions are discussed together with you and only implemented if you have agreed to it. You are not contractually bound to us. There is a mediation contract that only serves to protect you as regards discretion and vice versa. And in which our tasks as an agency are recorded in writing etc.