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Aurelia is your choice if you want to spend time with a warm-hearted lady and exchange ideas at a high level. Shared laughter and good conversations arise in Aurelia`s company almost by itself. Aurelia is interested in many things and is passionate about culture, architecture and the multifaceted nature of the human soul. To discover something new, Aurelia likes to travel or accompany you on your forays. Her understanding of the fine arts does not end at the usual boundaries, but also incorporates the art of seduction and intimacy.

Aurelia will make you happy with her refreshing nature and her natural charisma. For them, sex and passion are inseparable and that makes each date unique. As a first-class escort, Aurelia can turn into every type of woman: sometimes she is a vamp, then a romantic fairytale princess again. With her select wardrobe, Aurelia adapts to your ideas or the events you suggest. Below is her greatest treasure: a stunning body and a personality full of dedication. Let Aurelia enchant and pamper you!

Aurelia`s Interview


Aurelia`s preferences

Dear Gentleman, my preferences are not as a service list to work off, but are a first orientation, which I like. I like kisses with tongue, Girlfrienderotik, Tenderness, Seduction, Travel erotic erotic, French eroticism, Come on body, Come on face, Spanish, Role playing (me, soft dominant), Striptease, seductive lingerie, High Heels, Couple escort, Duo Dates, MMF, Visit of erotic events (possibly), massage, shared shower, common bathing, toys, foot erotic, rimming passive, deep throat, verbal erotic (on request), body to body massage, accompanying dates, only dinner, safe sex. Requests for sex without a condom are ignored! My health is important to me.

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Sports / Hobbies & Interests: fitness, horse riding, tennis / travel, riding, fashion, art, architecture, sports.

Dress style: classic Elegant, high-quality wardrobe, suitable for every occasion.

Lingerie: La Perla, Agent Provocateur.

Cuisine: Italian, German and Austrian cuisine.

Drinks: still water, champagne, good wine, gin and tonic.

Perfume / Flowers: Hermes, Chanel / Roses.

Music: classical, jazz, lounge and current music.

What excites you on the escort ?

Escort is a secret world that has an incredibly strong fascination for me. A way to meet exciting people, to discover new things, to broaden your horizons and spend a nice time together. Some men say Escort is like a drug for them, yes, for some ladies too. It is exciting not to know who you meet today and what you will experience and this tension turns every night into something sparkling, mysterious and unique. As an escort, it is important to me to meet my counterpart, it is not only time critical but the quality of the time together, I attach importance.

What does eroticism mean for you ?

Beautiful heels, fine lingerie, important for the eye. And the art of flirting.

What qualities do you like about a man ?

A man should be a gentleman, charming, eloquent and a bit naughty at the time, but only a little bit, later maybe more.

What in life is important to you ?

Life in all its facets, I love my life and always strive for a better version. That does not mean that I’m dissatisfied, I just want more, I want to enjoy life and savor it.

I like !

Shoes, men and cosmopolitan like sex in the city. Of course there is much more, traveling, new discoveries, culture, architecture, sports, good food with the corresponding wine, interesting people, exciting stories, sun and silk on my skin, the sound of the sea and the crackle of a fireplace, I love good ones Books and everything, just everything that inspires me.

I do not like !

Arrogance and ignorance, rudeness and superficiality, stress, haste and drama.

What are your dream holiday destinations ?

I like to travel for my life, I need traveling. Travel forms, expands and leads us back to ourselves. I would like to discover as much as New York, Maldives, Bahamas, Tokyo, but also the near destinations are always exciting and ultimately every trip is a new experience.

What are your favorite books and / or movies?

I like to read for my life, there are no favorite books, there are favorite bookshelves. It’s not quite the case with films, but I’m too versatile to be able to commit myself to a work. After all, a book like a song or a movie is always something that accompanies us in certain stages of life and changes depending on your mood.

Personal Information

Travel availability
121 lbs
Bra size
34 D nature
Dress size
10 UK / 8 US
Shoe size
6.5 UK / 8 US
Hair color
Eye Color
German, English (fluent)
Tolerant non-smoker
Tattoos / Piercings
Completely shaved
Duo Girlfriend/s


2 hours
650 €
3 hours
820 €
4 hours
1.030 €
6 hours
1.250 €
8 hours
1.480 €
12 hours
1.750 €
15 hours
1.900 €
18 hours
2.150 €
1 day (24 hours)
2.500 €
2 days (48 hours)
3.800 €

Traveling expenses

2 hours
possibly parking fees
3 hours
150 €
3 hours
150 €
12 hours
200 €
12 hours
200 €
12 hours
300 €
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