near Dortmund

168 cm
Dress size
Bra size
75A nature
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size

Escort Model Fabienne, 24 from Dortmund

  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (conversation)
  • Smoker: Tolerant non-smoker
  • Tattoos / Piercings: No
  • Dress style: French Chic, Timeless Elegant, Casual
  • Lingerie: No particular brand
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean and japanese cuisine. I like seafood very much.
  • Drinks: Water, still wine and sparkling wine dry, white wine spritzer
  • Perfume: Iris by Prada
  • Home visit: Yes (only if the agency know the gentleman)
  • Gentleman with Handicap: Yes (depending on the situation)

Fee from Escort Model Fabienne

2 hours
500 €
3 hours
650 €
4 hours
750 €
5 hours
850 €
6 hours
950 €
7 hours
1.050 €
8 Std.
1.150 €
9-12 hours
1.350 €
13–15 hours
1.550 €
16–18 hours
1.750 €
24 hours
2.100 €
2 days
3.200 €

Travel expenses from Fabienne

2 hours
20 €
2 hours
20 €
2 hours
20 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
60 €
3 hours
60 €

Other cities on request

A few words from Escort Model Fabienne

Dear Gentleman

I am escort model Fabienne, a newcomer and have only had a few experiences in the exciting world of escort. The idea of being able to dive into the mysterious and still taboo world of escort services excites me very much. The psychological, mental as well as physical intimacy with different people promises positive excitement / tension. Important to me, in addition to a successful date, where both parties feel comfortable, respect and discretion.

Eroticism is for me, so to speak, the introduction or invitation that can ultimately lead to sexuality. Eroticism lives from the tension between attraction and distance. The desire for rapprochement should be palpable and can be achieved by grasping the other person and their signals in a variety of ways.

The otherness in a man fascinates me. I like to laugh and be entertained and like to return this. He should therefore be communicative and humorous. Furthermore, self-confident, balanced and dominant men (not dominant play types meant) are very attractive, who can expand my horizons through stories and / or practices.

Feedbacks for Escort Model Fabienne

Dortmund, November 2021

Hello Silvia, thank you very much for the organization. The evening with Fabienne was outstanding. I will definitely book her again. Many greetings to her. She made up for the delay

Duesseldorf, November 2021

It was a very nice date and yes everything fit well. She is still young and somewhat inexperienced (I was only her third date) but not at all shy or reserved. She lets herself in well on the partner, was at least with me the case, was perhaps also because we were very sympathetic right away. That is amazing when you consider that it was only her third date. She is very well read and has good general knowledge. Fabienne is a very pleasant and entertaining conversationalist! She is a bit ‘skinny’ but I like that, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, I think she is a nice asset to your team.

Cologne, November 2021

Fabienne had her first date, accordingly I prepared myself for a nervous woman. The woman who met me in the foyer was anything but. Cheerful, relaxed and in a good mood she came towards me. Her outfit was as requested and I really liked it. The looseness and good humor of Fabienne were simply contagious, so we had a really good start. We also did not run out of topics, she is educated and eloquent, which I definitely find erotic. The transition into sexual (initiated by her!) was like the atmosphere up to that point, relaxed and without any inhibitions. What came next took my breath away for hours! That was true GFE, as I have never experienced! This evening will remain in my memory for a long time. Big compliment to Silvia for the perfect organization!