from Bochum

165 cm
Dress size
Bra size
75E nature
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size
60 kg

Escort Model Janina, 29 from

  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (Conversation)
  • Profession: Student, Poledance Teacher
  • Smoker: Tolerant non-smoker
  • Tattoos / Piercings: Yes
  • Dress style: Casual, Elegant, Sensual
  • Lingerie: Triumph, Lascana, Victoria`s Secrets
  • Cuisine: Vegetarian, Italian and Indian
  • Drinks: White wine, Tea and Cocktails
  • Perfume: Dior – J`adore
  • Home visit: Yes (if the gentleman is not known to the agency only with deposit)
  • Gentleman with Handicap: Yes (depending on the situation)

Fee from Escort Model Janina

2 hours
500 €
3 hours
650 €
4 hours
750 €
6 hours
950 €
8 hours
1.150 €
9-12 hours
1.350 €
13–15 hours
1.550 €
16–18 hours
1.750 €
24 hours
2.100 €
2 days
3.200 €
each day +
850 €
1 Week
6.000 €

Travel expenses from Janina

2 hours
2 hours
30 €
2 hours
30 €
2 hours
50 €
3 hours
70 €
3 hours
100 €

Other cities on request

A few words from Escort Model Janina

Mysterious stranger,
i am Escort Model Janina from Bochum. Do you also know this desire for the unknown? This desire has led me to my vocation – I love to discover the beautiful sides of the world and to make new experiences. Maybe soon at your side?
I go through the world with an open heart and a smile and enjoy the things that make me happy. My eternal curiosity wants to find satisfaction in this way. This applies not only to interesting encounters, but also to experiences of all kinds: intellectual, personal and, of course, sexual.

Spontaneous, emotional, passionate and self-confident – that’s how I would classify myself. I like good conversations over a glass of white wine just as much as a romantic walk through the old town. I am a very natural woman, wear rather discreet make-up and like to wear a sporty outfit in my free time. But when the mood strikes me, I wrap myself in the little black dress and feel perfectly comfortable even in the highest high heels.

Love self-confident, eloquent men who go their own way and from whom I can still learn something. I especially appreciate people who present themselves authentically and well-groomed in front of me. Then I can really let myself go and enjoy an exhilarating evening. Maybe soon together with you?

Feedbacks from Janina

June 2022

Good morning, dear Silvia.

Thank you very much. I had a nice evening with Janina. She is a really smart, multi-faceted woman. And that in a stunning body! I hope that Janina also felt well and enjoyed the date and then came home well. Please give her my love again. You a pleasant, sunny rest of the week.

September 2019

It was a great night. We had a great meal. Had interesting conversations and really let off steam. Janina gave me an evening of the lightness of being. Thanks for that.

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