Regulations for booking

Requests for sex without barrier !

We are very sensitive to that topic! We fully support the ladies to quit the date and retain the full fee without any deduction when sex without barrier is requested. We stand aloof from guests who carelessly deal with their own and others health.

Who is their contract partner ?

Your contract partner at a date about Diary Lady Escort is solely the escort lady. We are commissioned by the escort ladies and therefore the advice and service of Diary Lady Escort is free of charge for you. On behalf of the ladies, we take over the mediation. The ladies are self-employed and not employed by us, they act in their own name and on their own account, we have no authority to act. Your request at Diary Lady Escort is non-binding and only if you and the escort lady have confirmed that it becomes binding


We arrange dream dates for escort ladies and gentlemen who expect exclusivity and discretion. As much as a date attracts an escort lady, it is often a sensitive topic for many gentlemen. You see a lady you like but you do not know the agency yet. Since it is understandable that one wonders: is the agency reputable? Is the agency discreetly handling my data? Can I trust the agency? Yes you can. But to put it with honest and direct words. We as an agency would cut ourselves into our own flesh if we abused your trust. Which good agency would like to acquire a bad reputation? We do not! We want you to be more than happy, and we do it through discretion, good advice from the agency and not to forget by gorgeous high class escort models who hire us and enjoy this side job.

How do you arrange a date with a DL escort lady ?

You can submit your request by e-mail: or by phone: 0152-08443357 during our office hours. It is easier if you ask directly via the booking form what you will find in every sedcard. Please contact us in time, so that we can ensure that the escort lady you want has time for you. For the final booking we need your name, your telephone number for the recall, date and time for the appointment as well as location of your hotel and the room number.

Are the escort models photos genuine ?

We stand aloof from fake pictures but we can understand your doubts. Unfortunately a lot of people cheat in this industry. Diary Lady Escort works together with a photographer and every newcomer gets photographed. The photos run through a small edit. Light and small details get touched up except the model´s body! What you see is what you get!

Fee of a Diary Lady Escort Model !

You have the opportunity to book a dinner date, this excludes the erotic contact and serves the escort lady of your choice to accompany you to dinner, a business meeting or other event. For a date with erotic contact choose a private date. Of course, when booking the Private Dates, you can also visit a restaurant with the lady, have a drink at the bar or other activities company before you devote yourself to the sensual moments.

Why do the ladies have different fees ?

The decision what fee rises the lady is completely up to the lady. The ladies are self-employed and not employed by us, we have no authority to instruct. The travel expenses are also arranged by the ladies themselves and the agency then enters these into the sedcard under fees. If your city is not listed there, we ask the lady what she wants to call as travel expenses. We are on request only advisory to the side.

Note: You are rewarding the time the lady is bringing you and not any service!

Is the Diary Lady Escorts´ fee negotiable ?

No, the models´ fees are fixed. Please be so kind to not cause the ladies´ embarrassment by attempting to deal. Finally quality has its price.

Preferences of the ladies !

The preferences of women, see the sedcards. Please note that the ladies do not want to process a service list. The preferences are possible inclinations that the ladies like and if both sides feel like it, can be lived out. Please do not press the ladies to do things they do not want. In such circumstances, the ladies break off the date directly.

How do you pay for the escort models ?

The payment takes place locally and in cash. Please hand over the escort fee at the beginning of the date in an open envelope. The escort model will check the amount in your presence. Please make sure to put exactly the right amount into the envelope to not cause the ladies´ embarrassment. We apologise for any inconvenience but the control is necessary. We do not offer credit card payment because of fraud attempts. But you can transfer the fee in advance to our neutral business account. This requires a punctual booking.

Deposit paid and you have to cancel ?

In case of cancellation 72 hours before the start of the appointment you will not incur any costs, if no hotel reservations have been made or if train tickets have been purchased. In this case, you will receive back your payment already made by us and on behalf of the escort lady. Of course, the Escort Lady will not be able to refund you for any booked flight or train tickets. If you cancel in the period of less than 72 hours, the payment will be charged with the incurred cancellation costs (booked flight / train tickets). If you make up the appointment within 3 months, the escort lady will charge the balance with the new booking. If you incur additional costs for flight / train tickets, these are to be borne by you again. The right to a refund lapses if you have no interest in an appointment within 3 months.

Can you cancel a date with your DL escort lady ?

If you are unable to attend an already confirmed meeting due to time constraints, then we kindly ask you to inform our escort agency in good time, either by phone or e-mail. We know that business appointments have to be canceled spontaneously and you have to reschedule as a gentleman. If you do not cancel in time and the lady is already on her way, the ladies will only charge you for the travel expenses incurred. Exceptions are bookings where the lady has taken extra vacation. As is the same as the point: “deposit”. We at Diary Lady Escort find that this is a pleasant compromise and assume that as a gentleman you understand this regulation.

How is the escort models availability ?

The ladies give us no solid availability. This is not possible because the ladies are working and also have private obligations. If you make a booking request, we will ask the lady in any case if she has time. Only then will we let you know if we can arrange your request for your date.

What if the chemistry is not right on the date ?

If the chemistry just is not right you can naturally quit the date. Please clear up the situation in a polite manner and recompense the lady by refund of the travel costs respectively the fee for the accomplished time. Naturally also the lady has the opportunity to quit the date untimely.

Are there any photos of all the ladies with faces ?

Apart from the photos you see on the website, we do not show or send any more photos. The escort ladies have their private reasons not to show their face in public. We hope for your understanding.

Can I visit the Diary Lady escorts?

No incall, the ladies refrain from doing a quickie. Who likes to visit ladies in cheap apartments is definitely searching for something different than escort. The ladies do not offer their time “professional”, they are looking forward to a gentleman of upper class for intimate togetherness and in addition to it for a good conversation. We would like to support you with the right choice of your hotel. It is possible to invite an escort lady to your home. Certainly a beautiful atmosphere should be requirement!

How much lead time does an escort date require ?

We also try to realize short-term bookings of your companion on the same day. However, bookings with 2 – 3 days lead for 1 daily data are an advantage. So that the ladies prepare and take this appointment for you. We ask you longer bookings (from 2 days) also min. 1 – 2 weeks before start to book. Extensions are with the agreement of the escort lady if time permits without any problems!

Will I be called by the lady before the date ?

This is not possible for a variety of reasons. For all information about the lady, please ask us, by phone or by e-mail. The Diary Lady Escort Models have decided on an agency to do exactly these things not themselves. For this and for other tasks the agency takes over, the agency gets a commission from the ladies. Privacy is very important to the ladies. Also ask if the lady with suppressed number can call are not possible.

Do the ladies escort full time ?

All escort ladies are sophisticated ladies who have a main job or study. We value the ladies have a good social background and are firmly in life with both legs. On ladies’ sedcards you will find personal details such as foreign languages, interests, favorite perfume and culinary favorites. So the perfect lady is there for you during the dreamlike romantic hours.

Travel the Diary Lady escorts with me ?

Yes, some of the escort ladies are happy to accompany you on trips. The travel expenses (flight, food, cultural programs) for the ladies must be taken over by you. Please book for this longer period at least 2 months in advance, so that the escort ladies can plan this. Since the ladies are working, they have to apply for a holiday in good time. In addition, the ladies need a deposit of at least 30% of the fee for bookings for a longer period plus costs for train / plane ticket. This will be fiddled on our neutral account.

I do not know my way around a city. Is there information ?

Many gentlemen are for the first time business in a new city and would like to relax after a stressful working day or something else. In addition to our hotel recommendations, you will find restaurant and nightlife recommendations in every city. So you can plan your time in peace with your escort companion.

Does your escort companion expect presents ?

No, the ladies of Diary Lady Escort do not expect any presents from you. But they are happy about every little attention from you.

Feedbacks in every Sedcard and on the About us page !

Here you can get rid of comments, criticism and praise. This is very important to us as an agency. Only by your feedback, we can stay well. Of course we have each made a personal impression of each lady, but it is a big difference how we experience the lady or you. Thanks to your feedback, we too can focus more intensively on every single lady in the sedcards, making it easier for you to choose your dream lady. If you send us your feedback via sms or mail, we would be happy if we can then transfer this into the respective sedcard. We are looking forward to your feedback. If you want to leave a feedback directly for our agency that is also possible. The agency feedbacks can be found on the About us page.

Notice !

Should there be ladies who do not completely agree with the General FAQ`s, and there are deviations, the rules are indicated separately in the respective sedcards. Every lady is self-employed and makes her own decisions.