Kissing – A science in itself

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There is disagreement among scientists about the origin of the kiss. Until now, researchers believed that the kiss evolved from feeding babies and young children.

Kissing, a science in itself! There is disagreement in science about the origin of the kiss. Until now, researchers believed that the kiss evolved from feeding babies and young children. In this process, mothers chew hard food into a paste and feed it into the child’s mouth. More detailed research now seems to show that not all peoples of the world find the kiss, which evolved in Western culture, pleasurable. It is also known that the indigenous peoples of the North Polar region touch their noses instead of their lips in greeting. What is certain is that when two people kiss, they come so close that they perceive each other’s pheromones. And these give us the crucial clue to their sexual attractiveness.

Kissing is not always the same

Not every kiss is erotic in nature, but it is always an expression of affection. For example, parents and children as well as family members kiss each other without eroticism being in the foreground. In some countries, the kiss is part of the greeting ritual. However, there is hardly any touching: the air next to the cheeks is kissed. It is much clearer to put the lips on each other and touch the soft lips of the partner. This kiss is even accepted in public, although more in the Western-oriented countries. In Asia, for example, any kind of kiss is considered erotic foreplay and is reserved for intimate moments.

The French kiss

It really gets down to business when partners kiss with open lips. Carefully, the tongue feels the warm oral cavity and gently runs over teeth. The French kiss can be demanding or restrained. Often it is due to the personality of the kisser or the intensity of the erotic moment. Some love to hold each other’s lips for a short time when ending the kiss as a playful and tender togetherness.

The intimate kiss

People kiss the whole body. When a gentle mouth takes in the tip of the penis or lips touch the vulva with tender kisses, it tingles incomparably. The tongue is also involved and increases the pleasure immeasurably. From a scientific point of view, the sense of smell also plays an important role here. By the way, this also applies to the sexual act as such: Everyone recognizes the smell of a room in which sex took place.

The best thing about kissing: It’s healthy!

More than 30 muscles are involved in kissing and the body releases hormones. First and foremost oxytocin, the so-called cuddle hormone. Blood pressure gets going and the heart rate increases. This really gets the immune system going and reduces stress. If you would also like to do something for your health, please use the contact form or call us.