Here we tell you if we have new ladies in the team. Ladies who are no longer mediated by our agency, we delete from the news, we do not want to confuse you after all and keep everything up to date.

New Lady Yasmin


Yasmin meets you with charm and intellect. Her pleasant personality promises a beneficial and erotic crackling togetherness from the first minute of your date.

New Lady Elouise


Elouise values interpersonal relationships and that you are on a certain wavelength. Due to its diversity, it is not difficult for Elouise to discover a nice thing in common.

New Lady Vivienne


Empathy, passion and humor are 3 of many great personality traits that make Vivienne. It is part of her nature that she always has a smile on her lips. Vivienne is full of joie de vivre.

New Lady Janina


Janina is a very loving, curious and adventurous person. She likes it when a man can broaden their horizons and have interesting and stimulating conversations with him.

New Lady Estefania


New lady Estefania dives into the beautiful world of escort for the first time. At first she looks like the typical “Girl next door”. Very natural and authentic. But Estefania knows exactly what she wants.