near Dortmund

166 cm
Dress size
34 / 36
Bra size
75D made
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size
55 kg

Escort Angelina, 36 from Dortmund

  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent)
  • Profession: Self-employed
  • Smoking: Tolerant non-smoker
  • Tattoos / Piercings: No
  • Dress style: Casual, Business, Feminine, Elegant
  • Lingerie: Bluebella, Aubade Paris, Fleur Du Mal
  • Cuisine: Italian, French, Japanese
  • Drinks: still Water, Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne
  • Perfume: Illusione Female from Bottega Veneta
  • Home visit: Yes (Only if the gentleman is known to the agency)
  • Gentleman with Handicap: Yes (depending on the situation)

Fee from Escort Angelina

2 hours
600 €
3 hours
750 €
4 hours
900 €
6 hours
1.100 €
8 hours
1.300 €
12 hours
1.500 €
15 hours
1.700 €
18 hours
2.000 €
24 hours
2.400 €
2 days
3.600 €
each day +
1.000 €
1 Week
7.000 €

Travel expenses from Escort Angelina

2 hours
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
2 hours
50 €
3 hours
80 €
4 hours
80 €
6 hours
100 €
6 hours
100 €
up to 50 km
2 hours
50 €
up to 150 km
3 hours
100 €

Other cities on request

A few words from Escort Angelina

“If you want to find happiness, follow your longing.”

I’m sure you know that. Don’t we all have this one little longing? Be it getting to know new people and familiar closeness. Feel touches or experience moments that get under your skin. Just feel lightness again, laugh together and forget the time. What do you think, should we be a little bit happy together?

Escort Angelina – The woman with contrasts

Hey, I’m escort Angelina from Dortmund and if you’re now wondering who’s behind the lady with the dark blonde curls, then I’ll reveal the secret now. As a happy single lady, I stand with both feet in the middle of life. I love to indulge in a very special kind of adventure from time to time. Getting to know people with their very different personalities. People I walked past on the street or would never have met otherwise. I find that exciting.

I am a woman of contrasts. Empath with heart meets powerful woman with style. Despite my slight weakness for fashion, I rely on naturalness and am convinced. Sometimes less is more. Enjoyment has a high priority in my life. Not only do I have a penchant for excellent food, but I also like to appreciate and enjoy the small and quiet moments with special people.

Authenticity and heart are above everything for me. I love being who I really am. Simply “real” and always with the heart. With everything I do.

Touching is simple — real touching is art

Pack your suitcase, give me your hand and come with me on a little adventure trip. Let’s discover together instead of just talking, enjoy instead of just spending time and touch instead of just touch. Look forward to an interesting personality, an entertaining, humorous time and quiet moments with loud heart pounding.

Interview with Angelina

What appeals to you about escort?

I am attracted by the fascinating encounters.

What qualities do you like in a man?

I like men with courage, spirit and heart. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like authenticity and a dash of crazy!

Angelina, what does your perfect escort date look like?

Our date together is perfect when we meet without a “script” and let it develop where it drives us both.

What in life is important to you?

In the end, we regret the things we didn’t do. Therefore – have goals, realize dreams, stay “curious” and always enjoy life to the fullest with your heart in your luggage.

What do you like most about your body?

My body and I are definitely “best friends forever”! We like and appreciate each other very much with all our strengths and weaknesses. I especially like my feminine cleavage, my delicate hands and my blond curly hair.

What does a perfect day look like for you?

A day is perfect for me when I can laugh with great people, experience new things and enjoy.

What are your dream vacation destinations?

I love to travel the world. Whether it’s a tent safari or a luxury hotel – getting to know foreign people, cultures and immersing myself in fascinating nature is something I find great. I have been able to see and experience a lot, but there is one spot on this earth I have been dreaming of for many years. And that is Antarctica.

What kind of sports do you like and which ones do you actively practice yourself?

I am a nature lover and like to recharge my batteries with long walks. Apart from that, yoga makes my heart beat faster. It gives me balance and serenity for body, mind and soul.

Are you interested in culture, history, musicals or opera?

What was the question again? (smile) I like to let history “be history” and prefer to deal with the future. I prefer to exchange my seat in a musical or opera for a ticket to a rock/pop concert. And sometimes it can be classical music.

Angelina, which quote fits your life?

“No outfit is more beautiful than SELF-consciousness with a dash of HEART.”

“I have learned that people will forget what you say and forget what you do … but they will never forget the feeling you gave them.”

Name 3 character traits that fits to you.

authentic, communicative, empathetic

What can a gentleman give you pleasure with?

I love surprises that come from the heart.

Sensual Moments with Angelina

What is part of eroticism for you?

Kisses, when words become superfluous.

Passion that does NOT create “suffering”.

The mixture of giving and devotion.

Which erotic preferences I have, you can get to know with agency management Silvia.

Compliments for Angelina

The head with beautiful curls, the presence of a woman who knows what she wants. In addition, the combination of seduction art and real girlfriend experience of erotic esprit and charming naturalness. When being together with Angelina the sparks fly and the time anyway. And one more thing – thank you!

Dear Silvia,
i want to thank you, and especially Angelina, for the great time we spend today with each other. What a wonderful lady Angelina is! For me it was a perfect match and loved everything about her and to spend time with her. The eight hours were really fast over and would have loved to see her even for a longer time. A lovely, beautiful lady with the heart at the right place and a warm person. Thanks for everything and please a big kiss for Angelina and a lot of love!

Angelina, you devilish angel with your playful curly locks.
You made our first meeting an extraordinary experience. With your natural energy, you made every caress and touch an intense and warm feeling that I always will cherish. This unique and fine feeling makes us realise how beautiful life can be if you know how to enjoy it. Thank you for putting me at ease with your playful and warm personality. We will definitely see each other again, thank you my special one and big hug”. Until next time and also for you a hearty “hug” from a satisfied customer

Can that be, or was it all just a dream? No, it’s actually true. I haven’t had such a perfect date in a long time. There are undoubtedly many beautiful women, but for me to find someone truly attractive, there has to be more to it. Angelina is VERY attractive: picture perfect and stylish in her appearance, but also fascinating as a personality with a lot of charm, humor and intelligence. I had great fun talking to her and taking in her always interesting suggestions. It was a very fine and erotic evening, with hopefully a repeat soon. Many thanks and love to Angelina.

It came as fate would have it and Angelina stood before me. Without bars in front of her face, she seemed much more alive, sympathetic and younger than in the photos. Angelina was open-hearted from the first moment, curious about me as a person, interested, intelligent and educated and looks simply stunning. Our meeting was like a mixture of “self-awareness workshop”, mutual spinning, familiarity among friends and passionate affair. I can’t find better words than that. And Angelina is really a unique and wonderful woman, from whom I take a lot from the hours we spent together. I am already looking forward to a reunion.

I just say merci to Angelina, she knows what I mean. Now that was a woman once, where your breath is taken away and it cries for a reunion. Love to Angelina and thanks for the great time.

An enchanting Christmas evening with Angelina, a charming, witty, attractive, passionate woman … what else comes to mind when it comes to Christmas wishes?