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“Happiness is the only thing that doubles when we share it” (Albert Schweitzer)

Empathy, passion and humor are 3 of many great characteristics that make Vivienne. To her nature, she always has a smile on her face. Vivienne is full of zest for life. She likes inspiring conversations to discover the same interests, or to find new things that broaden her horizons. When you get to know Vivienne, you will notice that she is directly trying to create a pleasant familiarity. So you can enjoy their adventure from the moment relaxed. Vivienne likes people to have the personality and to whom not only externals are important. What brings a nice shell if it is ugly inside. It depends on the inner values. These include, for example, honesty, reliability and not just thinking about yourself.

As for the erotic, it is versatile. When two come closer you can not know what and how it happens. It is important that it crackles, one feels the passion and can fully indulge in the other. This can be either sensual, tender and totally cuddly. Or fiery, wild and wicked. After all, it is not a finished book where everything is fixed as the erotic is going to run, it’s empty pages that are written only during the date.

INFO: As Vivienne is on the road a lot, she has low travel costs for Düsseldorf and Cologne. 50 euros during the week, 80 euros at the weekend.

Vivienne`s Interview


Vivienne`s preferences

Dear gentleman. In addition to the accompanying part, erotica naturally plays a crucial role in a date. My preferences do not understand as a service list, but are a first orientation, which I like. Safer sex is a matter of course. Passionate French kisses, girlfriend eroticism, french erotic, spanish, greek erotic (situational), deep throat (situational), body cum, GB. Dirty Talk may not be missing in the right moments if you like it. Toys I own a vibrator, dildo and anal plug. Shower and shower Bathing fun, massage. Couples or duo with another Diary Agency Lady I decide individually. Role playing, I am inexperienced but very interested. Requests for sex without a condom are ignored by the agency, my health is important to me.

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Hobbies and interests: Pilates, horse riding, yoga, traveling, hiking, reading, painting

Dress style: Elegant, Feminine, Sexy, Casual chic

Lingerie: Simone Perele, Aubade

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

Drinks: white wine, gin and tonic, water

Perfume / Flowers: Miss Dior / Roses

What excites you on the escort ?

Being an escort lady is something special for me. The excitement and the anticipated tingling before a date are indescribable. I love multifaceted eroticism and passion. As an escort I can bring sides of myself and live that remain hidden in my everyday life. I’m curious what hidden sites we will discover together.

What does eroticism mean for you ?

Imagination, passion, dedication. Sometimes playful girlfriend eroticism, as well as the submissive part, who lead and lead by the common desire.

What qualities do you like about a man ?

Determination, humor, style, well-groomed appearance.

What in life is important to you ?

Honesty, loyalty, trust, family and friends.

I like !

Nature, good food, sunsets, enriching conversations.

I do not like !

Envy, stinginess, arrogance.

What are your dream holiday destinations ?

There are so many beautiful countries, cities and places in our world. Together in Rome throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. In Paris, stroll through the Champs-Elysées or explore the Grand Canal of Venice in a boat.

What does your perfect day look like?

Being woken up with a fragrant breakfast after a passionate night. Having breakfast together on the terrace or in bed, exploring the city or nature in a targeted or spontaneous way.

What should the interested gentleman still know about you?

Mhm … I think, I’ve told a lot about myself and the interested gentleman will know how he can elicit me one or the other secret in the date.

Personal Information

Saarbrücken / Frankfurt
Travel availability
Bra size
34 C nature
Dress size
8-10 US / 10-12 UK
Hair color
Eye color
German (mother tongue), English (conversation), French (conversation)
Sometimes (can refrain during the appointment)
Tattoos / Piercings
Completely shaved


2 hours
600 €
3 hours
700 €
4 hours
800 €
6 hours
1.000 €
8 hours
1.200 €
9 up to 12 hours
1.400 €
13 up to 15 hours
1.600 €
16 up to 18 hours
1.800 €
1 day (up to 24 hours)
2.250 €
2 days (up to 48 hours)
3.250 €
1 week (7 days)
6.500 €

Traveling expenses

2 hours
20 €
2 hours
50 €
3 hours
50 €
3 hours
100 €
3 hours
100 €
4 hours
100 €
3 hours
120 €
Mainz / Wiesbaden
3 hours
120 €
4 hours
100 €
Dusseldorf / Cologne
3 / 4 hours
50 € - 80 €
12 hours
on demand
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