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Shopping in Vienna

As one of the largest metropolises in Europe, Vienna offers you countless shopping opportunities. Looking for items in luxury range, you are around the old town with the “Golden Quarter” in the best place. In which fashion, jewelry and exclusive souvenirs are waiting for you and your escort travel companion in Vienna. Whether in Kärntner Straße, Kohlmarkt or Graben, immerse yourself in exclusivity with your high class escort Vienna.

Looking for the latest trends and creative shopping ideas at the height of time? Discover the small streets and alleys around Mariahilfer Straße in the center of Vienna. Young designers and small but fine boutiques await you here. Jewelry, accessories or furnishing objects are available here as unique pieces from real manufactures and attract all eyes.

Conquer Vienna with your Travel Escort

Throughout the year, flea and antique markets take place in Vienna and characterize the charm of the metropolis. Embark on a journey through time here and discover antique highlights and real collectibles. In the outskirts, you and your high class escort in Vienna will find larger shopping centers. Here you can find all the necessities of everyday life at a reasonable price.

You associate Vienna mainly with the coffee house culture, cakes and other delights? In addition to cafes and restaurants, many stores in the city center offer you ample opportunity to take home sweet souvenirs. So enjoy with your escort travel companion in Vienna in the hotel room or arrived at home very special souvenirs of the city.

Restaurants in Vienna

Austria’s cuisine is diverse and culturally diverse. Hearty and bourgeois cuisine mixes with sweet specialties and the influences of the nearby Balkans in hundreds of restaurants in the city. For you and your high class escort in Vienna, there is enough variety every day to get your culinary money’s worth. Below are some highlights from the Viennese restaurant scene that will satisfy your high demands.

Red Bar Restaurant

With this restaurant, you and your escort travel companion in Vienna will dive into the good old times of the city. The service exudes a typical Viennese charm and the selection of dishes is upscale and traditional. Be inspired by the wine recommendations of the waiter and enjoy the stylish accompaniment of your meal by music on the grand piano. Also suitable during the day for a good coffee and a delicious piece of cake!

Philharmoniker Str. 4 | 1010 Vienna, Austria


Whether it’s lunch or a multi-course dinner menu, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with your sophisticated palate at Edvard. Here, too, the exquisite culinary offerings are combined with top service, including expert wine advice. The bright and friendly ambience additionally stimulates the appetite and invites you and your escort travel companion in Vienna to a second or third visit.

Schottenring 24 | 1010 Vienna, Austria


Centrally located near Karlsplatz, Austrian and European cuisine of the highest standard awaits you here. Whether it’s an aperitif cocktail to start, steak prepared to perfection. Or sauces you can measure out yourself, at Apron you’ll arrive at an all-around individual taste experience. The first-class service rounds off the experience, while the kitchen delights you and your High Class Escort in Vienna with artistic creations on the plates.

Am Heumarkt 35 | 1030 Vienna, Austria

More restaurant recommendations for Vienna

You spend more time with your escort travel companion in Vienna and want more culinary recommendations? With the following restaurants and cafes in the short profile we give you additional impulses:S

Door No 8 Steakhouse: In this centrally located restaurant you are in good hands as a meat lover. Here you and your high class escort in Vienna will experience a barbecue at the highest level.

Brau-Bar: Don’t miss the Viennese art of brewing with some hearty side dishes. The Brau-Bar is the ideal place to go when you end the evening with your escort travel companion in Vienna.

Minante: This small restaurant brings Italian flair to Vienna and lets you enjoy pizza, pasta and other Mediterranean highlights in a friendly atmosphere at an absolutely fair price.

Sixta Restaurant: An insider tip for a perfect Wiener Schnitzel and other dishes with Austrian tradition. Top service and frequently available even without early reservation.

Hotels in Vienna

As one of the most popular metropolises for travelers worldwide, Vienna’s hotel landscape is diverse and meets every taste. From business stays to relaxed, private days with your high class escort in Vienna, you are guaranteed to find the right one centrally and in the outskirts. Here are some popular highlights of the Vienna hotel scene, so that you feel at home with your escortservice travel companion in Vienna.

Hotel Sacher Vienna

The Hotel Sacher offers your high class escort in Vienna a real piece of history. Centrally located opposite the State Opera House, the name Sacher is the epitome of luxury and indulgence in the capital of Austria. It is upscale to sophisticated in all rooms and public spaces of the hotel. Of course, you can also treat your escort travel companion in Vienna to a piece of the legendary cake here.

Philharmoniker Str. 4 | 1010 Vienna, Austria

Guesthouse Vienna

Just a stone’s throw from the Danube, the Guesthouse accommodates you in a real luxury hotel with tradition. Switch off from everyday life here with your high class escort in Vienna and benefit from the proximity to many of the city’s sights. The modern furnishings of the rooms and suites leave nothing to be desired, which is just as true for the friendly and strong hotel service at Guesthouse Vienna.

Führichgasse 10 | 1010 Vienna, Austria

Palais Coburg Hotel Residenz

Nomen est Omen at the Hotel Residenz, when you stay at the Palais Coburg in a sophisticated and historic flair. The striking architecture combines with a fresh and young interior design, where you and your escort travel companion in Vienna will not miss out on anything. Worth a regular visit is the bright restaurant, which invites you to hours of conversation and enjoyment with its bright glass fronts.

Coburgbastei 4 | 1010 Vienna, Austria

Nightlife at Vienna

If you want to turn your Viennese nights into a day, you will benefit from a multifaceted nightlife and cultural events all year round. Whether dance floor or concerts, with the following tips you and your high class escort in Vienna will experience great evenings between cocktails, music and more.

Fluc & Fluc Wanne

Located directly behind the Praterstern train station, this combined club offers you the perfect mix of bar and dance floor. While cocktails are enjoyed above ground, the Fluc Wanne is the lower dance floor as a former underpass for pedestrians. An extraordinary location that meets every musical taste from electronic sounds to indie depending on the club night.


Also located near the Prater, here you can dive into the architecture of the 1960s with your escort in Vienna. A great contrast to current electro beats, with well-known live acts always dropping by in the Pratersauna. The special charm of the club shows in the summer months, when the terrace and the surrounding garden of the Pratersauna become an extended dance floor.

Red Room

If you and your high class escort in Vienna would like to exchange the dance floor for a good cocktail, the Red Room is ideal. Red velvet and mirrored walls create an inviting atmosphere, musically the club invites you through a journey through the decades. And also the cocktail and long drink menu leaves no wishes unfulfilled.